how to get free android applications ?

I am one of the latest entrants into the droid world. And While i was searching internet to make my Android more useful i came across a boon in disguise though the boon is still in Closed Beta.

It has its pros and cons.

The Application i am reviewing is Mobogenie. Download available at

So as a Android user first of all i had two major problems. 1. typing 2. Data charges to Install apps. and some other minor ones which are present in all the Mobiles. So Here’s what Mobogenie Does for you.

Mobogenie is a unique Android Community that lets Android phone users manage their devices from a PC. The seamless experience not only lets you control your android in a much smoother way, but the problems of a touch screen are also neutralized since you can publish your SMS using your PC.

Not only this managing Multimedia and Applications on your Phones becomes as easy as a click. With Mobogenie, you have immediate access to thousands of applications and games provided by Mobogenie.

You can publish, convert, and share Personal Content of all types for your cell phone – Videos, Photos, Ringtones, Applications and Games. Upload your material from your PC and use Mobogenie to convert and adapt it for your cell phone: in few, easy, steps! MOBOGENIE is your Android on Your PC – dedicated to one and all who relishes personalization and entertainment amenities for Android.


Backup – I tried the software.. it’s good.. . especially if you want to take a backup of your phone.

App search and Install – I liked it, it was very easy to find apps for my phone and transfer it to my mobile..else would have wasted money searching on the android store. The app is bit sluggish as of now. But I liked it overall, hope to see more games.

Mobile data – I tried playing around with the app, it is a good thing for people like us who don’t want to spend money on mobile internet. Software becomes very slow at times which needs to be fixed.Over all i think it should be a must-have software for all Android Users. Free is Good.

SMS- You can send SMS using you desktop

Cons:- Since its in Closed beta the UI is laggish and needs dramatic improvements.

My take:- Go for it and give it a try and currently since its in closed beta there’s a lot of scope to make it good.

free android applications

free android applications


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